1. Voting Procedures - (since 1998 and now documented.  Will remain until a change rule is presented and
voted in)  

Voting on proposed rules will be conducted during the annual district meeting.  Said meeting will be
scheduled after conclusion of district race schedule.  Rule Proposals will pass or fail by majority vote by the
members in attendance. No proxy voting allowed.  

2.  Documented Rules -

All district rules are to be clearly documented on the NAMBA District -20 website.  Rules that have not been
voted on, approved and documented on the website going forward will not be honored until they are re-
established by re-proposing them and having the district voting on them.

3. Heat Racing -

The CD and or hosting club shall be allowed to end the race after 3 rounds have been completed if there is a
safety issue, weather concern or time constraint without a vote from racers.  This rule would apply to Friday,
Saturday or Sunday’s racing alike.  

4. NEW lunch time rule - (replacing existing rule)

The course will be open for testing during lunch breaks at any District Race.  A minimum of a 30-minute lunch
break starting a NOON will be provided.  Any additional details needed will be provided by the CD at drivers

1. The course will be open at lunch.

2. The last District race of the season will be double points for all classes.   

1. The entry cut off will be 8:00 pm the Sunday before a race.

Gas Class Specifications:

1. Within each hull classification there shall be two engine classifications, G1 and Open, both of which will follow all
NAMBA, Section 27, Gas specification rules.

Exceptions are Classic Thunderboat will remain as stock Zenoah G260 engine using the stock 257 carburetor only,
described in NAMBA Section 27, Specialty Classes, Classic Thunderboat rules.

For a club to become qualified to host future district point races, the following steps must be completed.
1. Must be current registered club of NAMBA

2. A club must be able demonstrate a unique need such as locale, vertical interest etc. that is not
being met by the existing clubs in the districts.

3. Must have put on at least one FUN RUN (no points) type event and demonstrated the ability to
have an organized event with proper equipment.

4. Obtain the verbal or written endorsement from two other District 20 Commodores which should
be provided to the District Director.  Steps 2 & 3 steps can be waived if the club Commodore / members of the club in
question have shown the past ability to host quality races, which will be at the discretion of the District
5. It will be the responsibility of each individual club to provide buoys for their own race/event.

The $20.00per driver fee is collected by the District Treasure or local club Treasure. The district shall retain said funds.
The $7.00 per boat fee is collected by the District Treasure or local club Treasure. The hosting club shall retain said
If hosting club collects fees he or she may reconcile at race site with District Treasure or must submit funds due to the
district within 10 calendar days of end of said event.
The driver’s entry fee is $20.00 and each boat fee is $7.00. If a contestant should enter only one boat his total fee is
$27.00, two boats = $34.00, Three boats = $41.00 and so on
Any person entering a race must pay all fees associated with entry unless they cancel registration by the Wednesday
before the race, prior to 6:00 pm. If entrant fails to show up for a race they have entered they must still pay the entry fee
prior to being allowed to race in any future district events
All moneys collected from raffles should be retained by hosting club unless agreed to other distribution in writing prior to

There must be a minimum of three prepaid entries on compatible frequencies to make a class and or a race.

A class must make the minimum of three paid entries on three separate occasions to qualify for season championship

The number of heats constituting a race is determined by the number of entries and time available, however, a minimum of
three rounds is required with ties to be broken by the fastest time.  If round three is interrupted, then only those classes
that completed three rounds of racing will have the points awarded for district points. NO makeup of partial rounds will be
allowed.  Example…. A-mono is the first heat in round three and it completes its heat but the next heat of Gas mono is
interrupted and the race is called off due to weather or anything else, only A-mono will be considered a completed race
day and awarded district points. Gas mono and all other subsequent heats will not be awarded district points.  Make up
races will only be considered if the race was called off before it started or no classes started or completed round three.

If a boat is started but still on the stand it will be allowed to launch during mill time and enter the race. If said boat is not in
the water at end of mill time it will not be allowed to race.

The GX1-2 classes will be moved to Saturday’s and G1 classes will be moved to Sunday’s

Only your 5 best races will count towards year end awards

Any Zipp Kits crackerbox will be allowed in any crackerbox class.
A-Super Stock OPC—Engine will consist of any .21 power head and any lower unit. The engine must run a canister type
muffler. No tuned pipes allowed. Any modification to the motor or lower end is allowed.
The mixing of power types is allowed and encouraged to make a class or allow a boater to “run what they brung”.
Stock Gas Mono - rules are same as NAMBA Classic Thunderboat with the exception of using the stock REV engine.
P-Limited OPC Approved Motors -

i) The motors shall be used as shipped from the manufacturer, with the exception of creating a
drive shaft flat spot, adding water cooling, and allowing the motor to be connected to the ESC by
any means.

ii) Currently approved motors and new proposed motors (see attached file) all motors in "white" are
the current NAMBA approved motors, new proposed motors are in "color" for the purpose of
displaying new brands

iii) In addition, the CD has the discretion to allow the following:

(a) An aftermarket motor that is a re-labeled and exact copy of any approved motor.

(b) Any generational change of an approved motor, or a motor that is used in a Ready To Run
(RTR) offering from a manufacturer that produces over 100 units of said offering, as long as there
is no more than a 5% increase in any of the following manufacturers specifications as compared to
any single approved motor: Kv, maximum constant amperage rating, mass, and MSRP.

(c) The race flyer shall list additional allowed motors for the event Section Name: 

Allow all P-Limited classes to run the following motors for the 2019 Season These motor are

allowed for the 2019 NAMBA Nationals in Utah in our own district. We should be allowed to race

them and test with them for our own National event.

Fast Electric 

We will be allowing the following motors to run in all P-Limited classes at the 2019 NAMBA Nationals.

1. Pro Marine—Model PMRC3656 2030 Kv

2. Proboat/Dynamite—Model DYNM3831 A-3650 2000KV

NAMBA rules will be followed and adhered to by all members

Each racer or participant for practice must be a NAMBA member. NO EXCEPTIONS.  A single event membership is
considered a NAMBA member for that single event only.
No starting/running any boats on any approved lake before 8:30 am, unless approved otherwise by CD.

Drivers meeting will be held at 9:15 am each race day and racing starting no later than 9:45 am unless otherwise stated by
contest director prior to the start of the event.
Fighting, arguing, name calling and cursing are grounds for dismissal from an event at the discretion of the CD.  Excessive
arguing with a made call or non-call of a CD, could also be grounds for dismissal of that class for remainder of the day and
loss of points for said class for the entire day.
If needed, a Safety Monitor will be appointed by District Director, he or she will report all findings to Contest Director,
District Director and Assistant District Director 

Only the District Officers/ PR Marketing Chairman , and the Webmaster will have administrative authority over

any and all District 20’s social media accounts. Individual clubs will be responsible for and maintaining there

own social media accounts . If any of the district clubs or individual members would like something posted

to any of the district social media accounts ,they will need to contact any of the District Officers ,

PR/Marketing Chairman or Webmaster to have it approved and posted.

Site Rules  
Sandborn Park 

No starting or running of any boats before 8:30 am
No starting or running of any boats after 7:00 pm
No starting or running of any boats on the south side of the sidewalk (cold pits) start and run boats in the hot pits only.
When moving your equipment into or out of the park drive on the walk ways as much as possible. Once unloaded you
need to get your vehicle out of the park. A.S.A.P (you will NOT be allowed to run a boat until the vehicle is moved)
Keep driving into and out of the park to a minimum load and unload only NO parking on grass.
DO NOT DRIVE on the grass (do not drive from the cold pits across the park to the road)
You may leave trailers in the park over night
Pick up all trash
No overnight camping
During non scheduled race days.
You may test there anytime but you can only do it from the west parking lot NO driving in to the park.
Follow all posted Sanborn Park Rules.

Longmont Pond

No starting or running of any boats before 8:30 am
Must be a NAMBA member to use the pond
No running/ testing of boats on weekdays . Only on the weekends
When testing you may NOT drive into the park .Pack in your equipment if you want to test .
When moving your equipment into or out of the park on race-day keep to the north sidewalk as much as possible. Once
unloaded you need to get your vehicle up to the parking lot.
No vehicles on the sidewalks south of the north shore sidewalk of the pond ( only walk way we can drive on is on the
north side if the pond ).
CANNOT leave trailers over night. This includes the club trailer.
No over night camping
Pick up all trash

Try your best to avoid Wildlife and Waterfow

Decker Lake

 Must be a NAMBA member to use the pond
Lock gate if you are the last one in the park
Lock restroom if your the last person in the park
If driving equipment or trailer into the park please unhook and remove vehicle ASAP
Remove all personal trash
 No over night camping Pick up all trash
Try your best to avoid Wildlife and Waterfow

Files coming soon.